Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Books - Master Cleaning

There is no enough space on the floor for my books and it did not make sense to me to keep the books in shelves when I would not read them. I strongly believe buying books is a real investment for one.

Just recalling my childhood and school days.  My dad (Mr.Subramanian) was the first one to get me those nice Lifco books which I treasure the most. It is a set of 30 small books from Lifco on various subjects. I treated it as an encyclopedia. I also have the dictionary that I got in school days.  He also got me a membership in the Bhavani Govt Library. Then my uncle (Mr.D.Natarajan), an avid reader of books and all of them were in a trunk box. He has shared with me on various topics and a very knowledgeable person. Then my mentor and family friend, doctor (Dr.V.Srinivasan) who introduced to me all the modern age books. We used to discuss in length about various books. Later, several friends talked to me about books. I need to mention my cousin Surya and my niece Gayathri for their deep interests in reading books and sharing knowledge. More to share on this..may be in another blog entry. I think I touched up on this subject sometime.

Today, I decided to segregate the books - to read and refer for 2010; and those I will not pay attention for 2010. It was not an easy exercise. But I related the books to my new year personal goals and then it was easy to separate them.

Now my book shelves have fresh collection and good locking. The 'see u later ones' are dumped in the loft.

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