Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 books from Flipkart

I have ordered 3 books from FlipKart, the first two I have received:

  • Connect The Dots
  • Dont Sprint The Marathon
  • Bite of the Mango

Connect The Dots is a sequel to the Indian writing bestseller "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish".  This book covers 20 entrepreneurs in our country who does not have an MBA!

Dont Sprint The Marathon focuses on children upbringing without forcing them to too many vocational courses. I have not read it completely. I am yet to get close to the theme.

Bite of the Mango is yet to reach me from Flipkart. It is a biography on Mariatu Kamara who is a UNICEF Special Representative and survivor of the civil war in Sierra Leone. I read about her in Tamil weekly Vikatan's interview and was touched by her story. During her girlhood her hands were cut off by rebels, and was physically abused. She also gave birth to a boy that died after 10 months. She spent some part of her life as beggar and was later rescued by UNICEF. This girl now has "The Mariatu Foundation seeks to provide a much needed refuge for women and children. Through the opening of a home and eventually homes in Sierra Leone, the Mariatu Foundation will offer healing programs and assistance in the resettlement and reintegration of abused women and children into loving and supportive communities."

When I read Mariatu's story, I could feel the pain in my hands. I felt like saying "Sorry" to her on behalf of this world for the injustice. Somehow, I am reminded of Bhopal tragedy court verdict that is nothing for a penalty or punishment. I think we as a society should be saying Sorry to many.

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