Saturday, December 24, 2011

Things to get better in 2012

Every year that passes by special in some way. And to me 2011 is very satisfactory year. I chose it to be.

For 2012, I see it as a year of getting things better.  Year end is a physical demarcation and provides a mental one to all of us.  But I believe, we should start anywhere anytime if we truly decided without waiting for the next year to come.

What would I get better at in 2012?

Health:  I was telling my friends that everyone plans to fall sick. I feel sad sometimes whether people take conscious steps towards health or not, they take conscious steps towards bad health patterns. What if one day all the doctors tell, we can treat only three times in your lifetime for any kind of ailment?  Wont the world be the craziest place where health is sought after, instead of gold?  

Language:  I recently fell in love with Kannada language for two reasons.  The Jyothiyali song from the movie Geetha.  And another reason is a "Geetha".  Geetha madam, a very senior teacher, whom I met recently in Chikamagalore and she spoke on stage a very beautiful literary Kannada rich in style.  By next year, my library will find me filling Kannada books. or you may end up reading my Kannada blog.

Relationships: I know me very well. I got better at relationships in the past ten years. I know my patterns, strengths and limits when it comes to relationships. Relationships are very subtle things; as human being we relate each others in some way.  Its part of the survival of the human race.  I will still get better at this and be a better person.  A quote that I read "Before you heal others, heal yourself".

Wealth:  I really have a love-hate relationship with wealth. If wealth were a woman, we like each other, we seek each other but we donot seem to get along :-)

Book:  Not of reading but of writing one. 

Neuroscience for you and me:  After NLP for the past ten years, it was the brain science that became my recent obsession. The book Evolve Your Brain, The Buddha's brain and few other titles, find prominent place in my new bookshelf.  I was thinking that I should create something called Neuroscience for Kids and explain the power of Brain to the young generation in a more effective way.

And there are some more!  I am sculpting my life, only to get better.  The Buddha in me, smiles.


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