Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flipkart's customer friendly service

Image: Namas Bhojani for Forbes India
I always find Flipkart to be very customer friendly.  All my online purchases have been through Flipkart for the past few years.

Some recent positive experiences:

a) I ordered a 16 GB sd card along with a mobile as a gift for my family.  However, upon receiving the Kingston sd card was bent. Since it was a gift, I did not have the bill and order no. handy.  I called up Flipkart Helpline and asked for SD card replacement.  After understanding my problem thoroughly, they agreed to replace.
b) If we  have ordered a book to your office address and if the delivery date falls on Saturday, they call up to check if we are available at Saturday. Obviously you dont :-).  SMS your house address, you get your order delivered at home.
c) This is the big highlight - I had ordered a gift for my daughter whose birthday falls on 4th July.  The committed delivery timeline was 7th July.  I requested Flipkart to consider delivering on 4th July - they really did the magic - the gift was delivered at 9 am!

There are few news I hear recently from my known circles - a colleague got a product over priced than MRP;  another friend got to know his order cancelled without intimation; another said an empty box was delivered.  And a very loud mouthed open letter to Flipkart's CEO on poor services.  I am only wondering its just happening after Junglee's entry.

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