Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Online Book Shops

By the way, a mini disclaimer. Its just a coincidence that I write on few websites these days. Recently, I have been frequenting Flipkart.com but have not purchased anything yet.

I have purchased books through firstandsecond.com, rediff, indiatimes and fabmall extensively in the past. I also have received books through Citibank's loyalty points. (Want to share a bad experience here: For a book of worth Rs.96, Citibank took 250 points from my account. They even said 1 point equals 1 Re. but they could not justify how 250 equals 96). 

Many online websites review that Flipkart is similar to Amazon. But I find Flipkart's costs are dead cheap. I get my books from Sapna Books, Books Paradise, Landmark, Crossword, through office library and other book exhibitions. Landmark which never had a discounted sale (probably not realizing the competition from the locals?), recently is running a discount sale.

Next month, we can also expect a discount sale in Palace Grounds followed by one in Strand. 

Flipkart is the online website that provides very discount. No shipping charges!  I am planning to try their services.

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