Monday, June 10, 2013

Great Men in my Hall

I woke up one day only to realize that I have some of the greatest men that history produced, have assembled in my hall. You guessed it - the books on / written by great men. This is not a standard statement. But when I look at the books on Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrich Nietzsche, Hellen Keller etc., I knew these are radiating special energy on my floor. Not because they are popular, but they are great people of our times.

On top of it, the books by my virtual mentor Anthony Robbins continue to guide me on everyday life. I am bibliophile, and I am feeling very responsible when I stand in front of my bookshelf.  I do not get fascinated by gold, house property, technology gadgets but the very sight of books make me a different person.

There are several great authors who have produced both best sellers and not best-selling ones. Though I can give several examples for best sellers, there are few non-best-selling books that fascinate me a lot: (1) Secret Life of Plants (2) Secret of the Soil  and few books I picked from British Library - Eating The Sun (Oliver Morton), Waste (by Tristram Stuart), Seasons of Life.

By NOT having read several good books, I know this world is immeasurable. I feel humbled at this very thought.