Friday, November 1, 2013

Bangalore Book Festival 2013

[Updated 29.11.2013 7.35 pm]  This event has been called off by the organizers.

[Updated 07.12.2013 10:05 pm] Book Fest may be held in Jan (link)
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My Original Post:

The much awaited Bangalore Book Festival 2013 will start from 29th November.  The grand event is scheduled at Tripura Vasani, Palace Grounds, Bangalore.

The exhibition is between 29th Nov - 8th Dec.

This will be the much awaited event of the year for the book lovers and bibliophiles. The event normally starts in the October and also spread for more than 2 weeks.  However, this time it happens only for 10 days.  The public will get two weekends to visit this book exhibition.

Approximately under 300 stalls, the books are expected to be in English and all Indian languages. Usually, the book stalls give a discount of 20% - this is far lesser than online shopping.  But I personally encourage buying from stores regularly to support the publishing community.

I wish the book exhibition differentiates itself beyond regular and popular books. We also would like to see rare books, unique ones. Also, bibliophiles would love to see bookshelves.  Self Publishing companies and City Libraries also should make their presence wide.

I am looking forward for the event.

[ADDED] Some more personal links:

My daughter Diya at Bangalore Book Festival 2010

Diya exploring the stage in Bangalore Book Festival 2008 (she was 2 years then)