Friday, January 1, 2016

30 Ways to show your love for books

May this new year 2016 bring more learning, new learning, fresh insights for all of us.

This new year, let us -
  1. read new books
  2. meet new authors
  3. gift books to dear ones
  4. write more
  5. talk, tweet, blog, speak about books
  6. organize book get togethers
  7. participate in book events
  8. fall in love madly with books
  9. build new libraries at home
  10. help others build new libraries
  11. let us visit libraries
  12. donate books for the underprivileged
  13. spread awareness about books to kids
  14. make everyday reading day as a daily routine
  15. find pleasure, solutions, peace in reading
  16. follow every news on books
  17. appreciate someone reading on the public transport
  18. socialize with everyone who reads a book
  19. always carry a book or two whereever we go
  20. stop piracy on books
  21. collect rare books 
  22. rearrange our bookshelves
  23. preserve our books by maintaining them properly
  24. create cute bookmarks
  25. when you want to say "I love you", do it with a book
  26. Befriend the booksellers
  27. Leave a book recommendation sheet secretly 
  28. Write reviews about the books online
  29. Buy additional copies of books (to gift) for special occasions 
  30. And read books not just english, but also our regional languages

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