Sunday, January 17, 2016

Crossword Brick-and-Mortar stores need improvement

I always did a balancing (!) act in books shopping between online and brick-and-mortar stores.
Crossword, JP Nagar and Sapna Bookhouse are the ones I frequent.  Sapna bookhouse theme is a completely different.  Crossword, JP Nagar is not really attractive.

This is despite Crossword, JP Nagar having a Coffee Day outlet and engages Kathalya team for a weekend story telling event. 

Price modified by Crossword
Here are my top annoyances for the bookstore:
  • The floor carpet has too many bandaids and really turns me off seeing the carpet cello tape all over.
  • The staff do not know anything about books
  • They hike the prices 
  • Their telephone numbers are incorrect in their bill, on their portal, google search etc
  • Book events are too random
 Given the potential residential customers in the neighbourhood and also the Miniforest park visitors, Crossword is failing to bank on.

I discuss this with the shop supervisor time to time. There is no action from his end. 
I wish Sapna were around.


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