Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Understanding death

A year back, lost my maternal uncle and on the new year day, lost my aunt (mom's sister).  Both went through a very painful experience.  Close friend of mine too lost his dad too through a similar experience.
Looking back, I have seen death close by.  My views on death has improved through various experience.
Death is not a loss.  
Death is not an end. 
Death is not something.

Death is the next stage.  It's also a living in a different world. I dont believe in heaven and hell.  But I am not sure where exactly someone will live after they leave.  Reincarnations, near to death experience, karma....all can get complicated for understanding in depth.
But I dont have fear of death.  When we grow, every stage is a death.  We moved past and entered a new age.  This is not just philosophical understanding, but also biological.  Our cells die and are newly born every second, and we are told we are a bundle of cells.

Very strange I picked a book on death in 2011 "The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche.  Probably, its a Tibetan treatment or possibly it was a spiritual book.  I would have read it atleast two or three times.
My views on death were shaped by this single book.  I am yet to comprehend the whole of treatment. I will pick it again soon.
Every day someone keeps dying - known and unknown.  If I think about what will happen to their family, its empathy and compassion;  but if think about what will happen to the person who died, that is spirituality.
We possibly pain ourselves with the the memory of the deceased.

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