Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pustaka Parishe - Jan 2016

I attended the Pustaka Parishe - a book festival to share books that happened in Bangalore.  The event is organized by Srushti Ventures.  

As there was not much details available, I went through this news item.

I spoke to the organizer Mr.Nagaraj before I started off.  Looks like, they have been doing this event for the past 25 years - twice in a year.  The event allows you to donate books and also pick free books.

I went along with my kids. We donated children books. But when we went to pick the free books, it was fully crowded and we could not get our space to get into the gaps to see whats there to pick. By then, our book has travelled from the front gate to this location and I saw someone holding our book.

The event had all publishers stalls for Kannada books, though it was advertised English books are also available.  For me, the most annoying stalls to see in any exhibition - especially in the book exhibitions - are the pickles, household accessories (vegetable cutting), vacuum cleaner etc. 

We returned without buying a book.  But the purpose of the book event is good.  The organizer said they can do this for any organization and big gatherings. 

Its also my first visit to the National Grounds, Basavangudi. The area was fully residential, with lots of Brahmins. We happened to park opposite a traditional house.  I was mesmerized for its rustic looks. 
 Looking forward for more Book festives in Bangalore.

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